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Born in 1999, the Esko twins were forged by Cartoon Network and 90s action movies. When the brothers turned ten they got hold of their first MacBook with a video app Photo Booth. They have been filming everything ever since. The EskoBros have a signature that cannot be missed. A next generation visual voice that ridicules everything in hopes of creating a new way. “We will one day make a film that would change the world”. 


2018 released their first film ”All Monsters Are Made-Up” (47 minutes). 2019 summer went to sell books in America just to make a sci–fi short film ”Space Pussy 5000”. 2020 January won Black Nights Film Festivals International Competition for the Best Short Film ”Struck by Lightning”. 2020 – Audiovisual Art Endowment Fund of the Estonian Cultural Foundation (young filmmaker award). 2020 Estonian Film Institute funded ”Ninja Twins from Another Dimension”. 2022 released their biggest film jet “Twin Turbo”.


Raul and Romet are currently developing their first feature “Two of Me”. Based in UK, London, working worldwide. Shoot us a dm or mail for collab @eskobros_

Twin directors Romet Esko and Raul Esko.

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