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21 years old twin filmmaker duo Romet Esko and Raul Esko -brothers obsessed with filmmaking.

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2018 the Brothers started studies at Baltic Media Film School. Raul in the field of Art Department and Romet learning Audiovisual Media.

2018 Raul and Romet finished their first film All Monsters Are Made-Up (47 minutes) and packed Kosmos IMAX with nearly 300 people on their first screening.

2019 summer Raul and Romet went to sell books in America just to make a short film. During the stay, they directed a sci-fi short film about aliens ”Space Pussy 5000”.

2020 February, Raul and Romet created a groundbreaking creative documentary ”Struck by Lightning” about their best friend who committed suicide. The documentary won the Best Editing award at Best of BFMs gala and won the Black Nights Film Festivals International Competition for the Best Short Film.

2020 April, the Estonian Film Institute and the Year of Digital Culture 2020 funded ”Ninja Twins from Another Dimension. And the most epic kung fu fight ever seen in Estonian cinema history was born. 

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If you want to smell the clouds, feel the cold breeze on a summer day, if you*d like to caress the fresh wheat with your finger tips while listening to that old fashion ballad that takes you to your childhood... Then... Fuck, man! Go fuck and call the EskoBros. Film ninjas. Learning non-stop! Loving non-stop! Laughing non-stop! If you don’t like their films they have a great idea for a muesli Restaurant.

– Miguel Llansó, Master Shredder of EskoBros


The brothers have a signature that cannot be missed. A mixed parody of pop culture, a dynamic film language, retroelements, and a true passion for the art form. Constantly improving their craft the brothers believe to have a greater cause in life. “We plan to make a film that would change the world”. They have a dream to go to Hollywood once they finish studies in their hometown Estonia. “We will go to America and follow our dream, see ya'll at the Oscars gala!”


Let's roll back to 1999 when the Esko twins were born. They grew up mostly watching goofy tv cartoons and eating sugary foods because their parents were working too hard. Most likely the reason for them being this awesome. When the brothers turned ten they got hold of their first MacBook with a video app Photo Booth. The device became their new best pal and they fell in love with the art form. Soon they acquired an even greater tool: the almighty Handycam. So began an era of crappy action films.


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